If your client has personal or corporate interests on either or both sides of the border, we’ll provide you with strategic tax advice to solve their tax issues. Our unique team of Canadian and US lawyers, Chartered Accountants, and Certified Public Accountants focus on tax only – tax in Canada, tax in the US, and tax in respect of both countries.

Advice at your fingertips

Our focus is tax, and only tax. Our team of Canadian and US tax professionals have their finger on the pulse of changes that will affect your client. Let us focus on the details.

Tax Services – Tax planning involving trusts, estate planning, tax dispute/resolution, corporate reorganizations, purchase and sale planning, international tax, or answers to any tax questions you may have.

Review – Review of your difficult tax compliance files.

US Services – Inbound/outbound investment planning, US estate and gift tax issues, for purchase planning of US assets, US tax compliance, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

Experienced Knowledge

Having extensive knowledge and experience to guide you through complex tax scenarios brings value to your billable hour.

Educated Planning

By applying experienced knowledge, you can develop an educated, proactive plan for your client. Being reactive in tax could mean it’s already too late.


We love the practice of tax. We live it every day, and we have a unique service offering that can benefit your practice for you and your clients. At Moodys Gartner, we keep up-to-date on the latest changes in tax law in Canada and the US and apply best practices to every situation. Whether you need a review of tax strategy or a resource to complete cross border tax work for your client, we’re here for you, and you’re there for your client.

Access to Knowledge

You will have full access to the Moodys Gartner Tax Law app and thought leadership in one centralized location through special access to our client portal.

Preferred access to seminars

As a retainer client, you will receive complimentary invitations to all Moodys Gartner Tax Law seminars. Seminars take place in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto.

For more information

Our firm brochure will give you a detailed overview of our services and how we can work with you, and is available at


We understand that trust between the client and practitioner are the cornerstone of any successful practice. It’s the foundation we built our firm on. Trust our team of experienced tax professionals to provide informed, educated review and planning of your client files.

Needs Assessment

We meet with you to determine your clients’ specific tax situation, unique requirements, and any customized planning your practice requires.

Building your Retainer

We negotiate a blended monthly rate that is based on your needs, as well as the number of hours you anticipate to meet you and your clients’ tax needs, with no surprises.

We are here to answer your questions, and provide advice, so you can focus on your client relationship, while bringing additional value.

We review your files not only for what is there, but more importantly, what isn’t.

We work behind the scenes for you. We’re like your secret tax weapon, focused on bringing value to you, that you can in turn pass along to your client. We’re here for you. You’re there for your client.

Increasing Your Bench Strength

You will have priority access to an immediate and continuous support network, with a quick turnaround… every time.

We provide additional value to enhance your client relationships through specialized tax advisory.